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Est 1983

31 July 2020

Our new showroom appointments service has been so well received we are now extending it to run on Fridays.  


For short showroom visits please come along to our showroom on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10am and 4pm.  Queueing system in operation.


For personal and private showroom appointments of up to one hour please call or email at least 48 hours in advance to book.  We offer private showroom appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Please do not visit our showroom on these days without a pre-booked appointment to avoid disappointment.


Following the government announcement regarding the wearing of face coverings in shops we must request that visitors wear face coverings while in our showroom.  Please use the hand sanitiser at the entrance and maintain 2 Metres distance from others.  Thank you.

Covid-19 Updates on our Service



Please see our guidelines regarding our Covid-19 policies below.  These are additional safeguards, and are not exhaustive.  The most important Government advice is to wash hands regularly, avoid touching the face and keep 2 Metres distance from others.  Face coverings must now be worn by customers who visit our showroom.


We ask that customers DO NOT visit us, or ask us to visit them, if experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, or have had any symptoms within the last 14 days.  Please let us know if you are considered to be in a 'vulnerable' category, or if you are 'shielding' so we can manage our interraction best.  You may be asked to complete a brief risk assessment form before we visit you at home. Thank you for your cooperation.


Our showroom Covid-19 policy

We will be implementing a " one in one out " policy for visitors to our showroom, and a strict 2 Metre distancing policy within the store.  Couples may visit together but must remain together in store.  Generally we will have one member of staff in store at any time.  We ask that customers avoid bringing children to the showroom, and if children do visit they must remain by their parent/guardian's side at all times.  All visitors will be asked to use sanitising gel and we have a sanitising station set up at the store entrance.  We will restrict visits to the showroom to 20 minutes duration maximum unless by appointment due to the queueing system we must operate.


We may need to pause meetings if the 20 minute limit is met to 'air' the premises, or else masks must be worn by both parties.  Customers who need to discuss plans or quotes (on paper) may use our meeting desk where we have a perspex safety 'sneeze' screen installed.  Payments should be made by BACS or by non-contact credit card transaction.  We will clean our displays between clients and our staff will obviously be washing their hands regularly.  When we are asked to provide brochures/samples customers should sanitise their hands after touching them.  Customers who would prefer a longer meeting with us about more complex projects can set up Skype/Zoom meetings (or any other media) with us, or we can arrange to visit your home and hold a meeting outside in the garden, for example.  Or you may prefer to book a personal showroom appointment.  We can be very flexible to meet requirements.


Our Home consultation and survey Covid 19-policy

We are now able to return very carefully to providing a home consultation survey service.  As this will involve our consultant visiting your home our policy on this is naturally very strict to help protect the consultant and you, our customer.  Our consultant will call by phone on arrival so he can avoid touching your door and can keep a 2 Metre distance from occupants, from the start.  We then ask that you direct him to your bathroom from 2 Metres away, and leave all doors open en-route so he does not need to touch any doors.  Our consultant may (as personal choice) be wearing a face mask which will be fresh and new for your visit.  He will sanitise his hands before entering your home.  During the survey our consultant will use a digital tape measure and will endeavour not to touch anything within the room or in your home.  Our consultant should be left alone in the room while he carries out the survey, and where possible windows should be open.  Once measurements have been taken our consultant will then either meet with you outside your home to discuss briefly your requirements, or go away to continue the consultation remotely by phone, email, Skype, Zoom or any other media you prefer.  Our aim is to spend as little time as necessary inside your home, just long enough to get the measurements we need to complete our plans and designs.  Following our visit, as an additional safeguard, we recommend you clean any bannisters, doors or bathroom equipment, using your own usual cleaning methods (detergent and water is sufficient).


Our Covid-19 Installation Service Policy

We are now able to return very carefully to providing an installation service on bathrooms supplied by us.  As this will involve our fitter being in your home for a long duration our policy on this is very strict to help protect our installer and you, our customer.  Each installation project will be risk-assessed prior to our start to establish good safe practises.  However, our policy will be that the fitter will call in advance of his arrival so doors may be left open for him.  We also request that windows be left open in areas where our fitter will be present. The fitter will take best care to avoid touching bannisters and other furniture on his way to and from your bathroom, but we suggest sanitising routes after he leaves each day.  If requested to do so (or if it is our fitter's personal choice) our fitter will wear a clean mask, and gloves, in your presence, but will maintain a 2 Metre distance from anybody in your home, at all times - regardless of whether ppe is worn.  The effectiveness of non-medical ppe is still debatable and the 2 Metre rule remains all important. Our fitter will bring their own food and drink and where possible will consume these outside your home.  If there are no separate toilet facilities our fitter will be able to use during his visit other arrangements will need to be made. Rubbish arising from the installation will be carefully placed outside your home and will be removed at the end of the installation using careful distancing policy.  Our fitter will keep their own workspace clean. We strongly recommend communicating with our fitter remotely by phone and avoiding any face to face contact throughout the installation - but if a face to face meeting is necessary this should be conducted outside the home. If communication with the fitter becomes difficult because of the Covid-19 measures please do call us on the showroom number and we will do everything we can to help.


Our Covid-19 Delivery service Policy

Our driver will maintain 2 Metres distance from customers at all times.  Where possible deliveries will be made to the doorstep, or an adjacent garage, for example.  During our own installations, if it is necessary to take items into the home we request the same measures as for installation are implemented, ie. distancing, windows open etc.  We ask that customers do not assist our driver and do not approach his vehicle.  Distancing measures also apply on construction sites/developers projects where we ask that the delivery driver is left to deal with the delivery unassisted, from 2 Metres distance, and that site staff do not approach the vehicle.


Our face masks policy

The wearing of masks is at the discretion of our staff (unless any future Government announcement dictates otherwise).  However, if you would like our colleagues to wear a mask when they meet you please let us know.