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Luxury bathrooms supplier.  Beautiful showroom in Sevenoaks, Kent.  High end bathrooms designed, supplied & installed.            

Est 1983

Why don't I just buy online?

Our showroom people aren't on commission and we are sure you will find them genuinely helpful and useful.  We still have a showroom because we believe customers prefer to deal with a trusted person face to face.  Our staff are experts and will guide and support customers through their bathroom project - not hard sell.


We've been advising on quality bathrooms for 35 years.  But this is the digital age and we are finding that more and more people use our website, and that of our suppliers, to do their research rather than visit our showroom initially, then they just give us a call or email us for our free home survey.   However, after this we usually see our customers regularly when they visit the showroom to check tile colours against furnishings, try out bath sizes, test tap handles for grip and all the other minor details it's not possible to do on the internet.  We continue to see customers after they've made their final choices - some bring in towels to hold up against the tiles they've settled on, some might bring friends in to show them what they've ordered, others will pop back in to make sure they've made the right choice or to discuss an aspect of the project..... this personalised approach simply doesn't happen with faceless online sites.


The bathroom industry is huge, and there is a vast array of products available.  Some of these just arent suitable for British bathrooms and may not give the best performance.


Our home survey includes measuring, survey and design/plan.  Of course there's nothing to stop customers using this free service and buying elsewhere but we do believe that on genuinely like for like products, like for like service on a fully installed bathroom our prices are very hard to beat.  And our customers can be sure of genuine and reliable guarantees from an extremely well respected company of 30 years standing.


Most importantly, we prefer ranges that are specifically chosen by us for reliability, longevity, exclusivity and quality - and not those that are widely available on discount internet sites.  We supply many products that simply aren't available online, or aren't discounted online.  Of course there's nothing to stop you shopping around with our design and quote to see if online stores can offer it cheaper, but we are often told that online orders can be delayed, it can mean ordering items from many different sites which means delivery costs start to add up and this kind of project management can be costly and time consuming.


We like to feel that we build a trusting working relationship with our clients and we are proud of what we do.