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How long does it normally take to get a bathroom quote?

When our surveyor calls to look at your bathroom he will only take as much time as is necessary to look at the existing plumbing, electrics etc, and take the necessary measurements.  Then he will discuss with you what you'd like us to quote for.  Some people already have a good idea so this discussion needn't take too long.  Other customers like to take a bit longer and feel they'd like to really go through the requirements in detail.  We will always be guided by you, the customer.  


So to answer the question, we think you should allow between 30 minutes and an hour or so for us to get the details we need.  Then we go away to work on the quote at our offices.  Depending on the complexitiy of the project you may receive just an itemised quotation if the bathroom is more or less a straight replacement as existing.  If there are alterations you may receive a sketch plan, or a CAD image of the refurbished room.


The time it takes us to produce your quotation also varies - depending both on your particular project, and how busy we are as a company at any one time.  Our staff are always very busy but some times are busier than others.


We'd love to be able to send our quotes out to customers in a few days but this is often just not realistic.  We will decide whether it is best to offer a Computer Aided design, hand drawn plan or even if a sketch is needed at all.  We can always add more detailed designs later once we have your order.


Our quotes are not always fully computer generated, firstly because every customer is individual, and every bathroom is unique, and also simply because we offer thousands upon thousands of different products - so your CAD design might contain a generic image of a basin rather than your actual chosen design.  


We have people working full time on quotes alone and to be fair to all our customers we complete them in date order.  So in busier times, like the Spring and Summer, the waiting time can go up to a few weeks.  If you haven't received your free quote after two weeks please send us an email and we'll make sure it's in hand.