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What do we clean it with?

How do we keep the bathroom looking like  new?

All products are supplied with manufacturers guidance but generally most products fare very well with a wipe over with a mild cleaning agent and water and a soft (non abrasive) cloth.  Wipe over afterwards with a dry cloth to keep everything looking as new as it did in the showroom. The best approach is to do a little bit of cleaning quite often to keep limescale at bay.  It’s most important to keep bathrooms well ventilated to prevent mildew.  Be very careful of the modern super detergents and products containing bleach.  Ask about labour saving devices and finishes, eg. some shower enclosures are available with self-cleaning glass!  Make life easy on yourself - eg. dark tiles can show up limescale quite noticeably & light coloured grout may not be practical in a children's bathroom or on a tiled floor.  Talk to our showroom staff for more good advice!