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Will you make a mess when my bathroom is fitted?

We really do try hard not to make a mess when we're installing a bathroom.  Some bathrooms are easier than others for keeping dust under control but please bear in mind that any refurbishment will create dust.  Our installers will close the door, and even tape it up if necessary, to keep the dust to a minimum, but there will be dust created, you will probably find dust settles on surrounding furnishings, window cills etc.  Fitters inadvertently carry dust on their clothes and shoes when working, and short of making them shower and change their clothes before they leave the bathroom keeping all dust strictly confined to the bathroom is nigh on impossible!


When we leave on the last day we will give the bathroom a good tidy up but if you are particularly concerned about surrounding rooms and furnishings it would be sensible to keep them covered and keep doors closed while we're with you.  Our installer will put sheets down on the route to and from his vehicle and the bathroom.  If you find this isn't sufficient please speak to us and we'll sort it out.  Also, if you're particularly concerned about potential dust problems please speak to us before the job starts and we can see if there's anything extra we can do.